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Turn posts into information, and information into insight

Whether you manage one Facebook Page or many, Social Insights (Beta) is the marketing solution for businesses of all sizes to control Facebook publishing activity, understand audience response and monitor Facebook competition. No need for extra third party apps to install.

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Overview of your publishing activity

Obtain an independent audit of posting activity for all Facebook Pages you manage.

Overview of your publishing activity

Understand audience

Make sense of fan activities on posts, track growth and compare engagement across all Facebook Pages you manage.

Understand audience

Monitor competition

Select custom date ranges and compare competitor pages, content and engagement using various KPIs.

Monitor competition

Historical page audit

View general content and activity KPIs since the launch of your page. Select a competitor page and generate a similar report for a comparison test.

Historical page audit

Inbox delivery

Get a digest of your KPIs delivered by email on a weekly or monthly basis. Tracking, reporting and data formatting is completely automated.

Inbox delivery

How Does It Work?

Social Insights is a powerful way to gain insights in your Facebook investment. Or your competitors’.


Complete your business profile and register for a test (currently beta functionality available).


You can monitor any brand page on Facebook and you don’t even have to like the page.


Several metrics are available beyond top content, post frequency and likes. Customize your report and we will deliver it right in your email inbox.


Having regular and easy access to key metrics of your Facebook activity (or your competition) is a simple and effective way to identify areas for improvement.

Who Should use Social Insights?

If you own or operate multiple Facebook pages, Social Insights will be your authoritative source for actionable insights.

  • Business Management

    The platform allows managers to independently monitor key indicators for a large and diverse Facebook pages portfolio. No delayed agency reporting and no fuzzy metrics.

  • Brand Management

    Competitor Facebook pages are very useful because they act as a source of feedback. Social Insights allows you to compare your page objectively against your main brand competitors.

  • Agencies of All Sizes

    Develop a strong content plan by requesting a review of the entire publication history of any competing Facebook page. Identify engaging material, study audience engagement and publication dynamics.

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See something others don’t

Opinions about Facebook posts are fine, knowledge based on data is a game changer. With 65 million active Facebook business pages and 45 average number of monthly post by brands there is a critical need to understand what's working or not.

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